Finding My Balance

When variables in life and math collide

I expected changes in my daily routine now that I’ve started back to college, but not in the way I communicated with my loved ones. While I am happy with my choice to seek higher learning, I did not know it would have an effect on my home life.

The way we communicate now is on the go and via texting and there’s very little time for family gatherings. Perhaps this will change once I get situated with my classes and begin to balance things out. There seems to be an unwelcome stress factor in my life since I have taken the plunge.

Although I’m struggling a little with my math course, knowing I’m gaining knowledge and stretching myself in new areas keeps my adrenalin running on high in spite the adversities. My advice to anyone who would like to go back to school but who doesn’t have a strong math foundation: seek out a tutor first and get acclimated with this new version of math before you sign up for courses! Getting ahead of this colossal monster will put you in a far better position than you could ever imagine.

I’m looking forward to completing my first semester successfully, which will give me the strength I need to keep moving forward.

This is an ongoing series.  Verdell “DeeDee” Kirk is doing what so many women of a certain age want to do, but often lack the courage to attempt:  she’s heading to college.  And as if that isn’t brave enough, she’s agreed to let us go along for the ride. We hope other women who want to pursue further education will find inspiration in DeeDee’s experiences.

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